Sitemap - 2023 - The Triad

Why Kids Run

The R's and the A-Word

The Republican Debate Was a Mass Delusion

What Will Republicans Say About Menendez at the Debate?

Where Is the Trump Panic?

Trump Made the Democratic Party Better

What Does the Military Become If Trump Wins?

Actually, It's Not "Both Sides"

Trump Could Win: Let’s Process Our Anticipatory Grief Together

Biden, Trump, the UAW, and the Upside Down

Kristen Welker Failed the Trump Test

How Impeachment Could Help Republicans

Trump Controls the Republican Party Because He Has the Power To Destroy It

Changing Your Mind: From Ayn Rand to Hillary Clinton

Learning from a Legend

How to Disfigure Your Soul

The Great Republican Normie Hope Kind of Sucks

JVL Rule #5: The Bad Guys Always Find Each Other

America’s Authoritarian Exceptionalism

The Roots of Biden Panic

Revealed Preferences and Fake Culture Wars

The People Are the Problem: Part 17,502

Joe the Plumber and Partisan Schadenfreude

2024 Is America’s Kobayashi Maru

It's All Much Worse Than You Think

Trump Is Still the King

Mugged By Demagoguery

This Campaign Is a Bataan Death March

The Meta Debate

Republican Elites Only Want the Easy Way Out

The #Resistance Was Right

Republicans Who Love Too Much

How Trump Could Pull Off the Ultimate Upstage of the Republican Debate

Trump’s “True the Vote” Liars Are Screwed

The Fourth Indictment: Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

The Law Is a Gun

Inside the Mind of a Biden Voter

Enjoy the Final Two Weeks of the DeSantis Campaign

The Keynesian Case for Pardoning Trump

Ron DeSantis’s Prisoner’s Dilemma

A Message for the People Who Run Cable News: You're Doing It Again. Stop It.

The Prodigal Sons of Anarchy

Republicans F*cked Around. Now We All Have to Find Out.

Bidenomics Are Real. And They’re Spectacular.

There Is a Hidden Danger in Trying to Convince Republicans to Vote Against Trump in the Primaries

Something Beautiful. Something Special.

Tim Scott Is in Danger of Catastrophic Success

New Poll: Some Republican Voters Might Actually Care About Trump's (Alleged) Crimes

Nothing’s Fair in College Admissions and Culture Wars

Why Not Tim Scott? Or: How much worse does DeSantis have to get before Republican elites abandon him?

The DeSantis "Reset" Is a Death Rattle

A Lesson About Pain and Power

Trump Has Another Huge Problem (Besides the Indictments)

Let Me Tell You About the MAGA Oprah

The One Big Thing Everyone Misses About 2024

The Leading Republican Presidential Candidates Are Running (Way) to Biden’s Left on Ukraine

I Want to Tell the Stupid People That It’s the Economy, Stupid

Ukraine: Either They Get Into NATO, or They Get Nukes

The Ballad of Gal Luft: Whistleblower, Grifter, Soldier, Spy

Mike Pence Is a RINO: How to Chart the New Republican Ideological Spectrum

Elon Musk Turned Twitter Into the Cable Company

Did Supporting Trump Change Republican Voters?

Politics is like fashion. It's never finished.

Joe Biden's High-Wire Act Is (Probably) Working

We Are Living Through a Chaotic Era

Welcome to "Locker Room Talk": Part Deux

How the 2024 Campaign Could Get Completely Reshuffled By a Russia Crisis

Karens for National Socialism

Good Will Hurd Running

Hunter Biden Outrage Is Really About Trump

RFK Jr.: A Threat Assessment

What's Good for Chris Christie Is Bad for Ron DeSantis

We Must Stop Joe Biden's Woke Agenda?

It’s Morning in Joe Biden’s America

The 2024 Campaign Logo Rankings

Why Do Republicans Have a Selective Ability to Understand the Law?

The Indictment and Trump's Four Tests for America

A Never Trumper’s Advice For PGA Golfers On Dealing with Asshole Colleagues Getting Rewarded for Bad Behavior

Everything You Need to Know About Chris Christie

Chris Sununu and the Good Republican's Noble Lie

These Are the Two Reasons Why AI Scares Me

Here’s How the Republican Primary Could Go Right for America

You Are Defined By Who You Hate

Dark Brandon and My Kevin Got the Job Done

What Does It Mean to be a "Supporter" of a Candidate?

It’s Not Too Late for Conservatism Inc. to Dump DeSantis

Tiny-D Energy

Reality Bites

Biden Is the Centrist President Everyone Says They Want

Ranking the Republican Primary Candidates

Joe Biden Becomes President Because Mistakes Were Made

Confessions of an Institutionalist

How To Be Better on the Internet

Storm Shadow Is Here

Here Are Five Rules for the Media When They Cover Trump

Why Is This Man Running as a Democrat?

Don’t Look Now: But Republican Elites Are Already Getting Aboard the Trump Train

If DeSantis Can’t Beat Trump, It’s YOUR Fault

Confessions of a Trump Voter

The People Are the Problem

What's the Difference Between a “Good Friend” and a Sugar Daddy?

Ukraine Is Reaching a Hinge Moment

The Just-Say-Stuff Party

Here’s How Biden Should Talk About His Age

AI Is Eating the World

We Support Trump Because You Made Us LOL

Brokeback Party

It's Time for Republicans to Panic About DeSantis

Biden Is Running and You Will Learn to Love It

Trump and Showing Red To Get Green

Swiss Watches and Swedish Appliances

BuzzFeed and the Death of Social Media News

Fox Paid a Parking Ticket; Mike Lindell Is Going To Get Wrecked

The Two Big Lessons of Dominion v. Fox

What Do "Pro-Business" Republicans Think About DeSantis Going After Disney?

There Is a Reason the American Right Likes Russia

The Biggest American Porn Site Got Bought and the Entire Thing Is Super-Sketch

About the Ukraine Intel Leaks

Trump Is Forever

Liberalism, Nationalism, and War

The Future Is Happening in Tennessee

A Brief History of Media and Audiences and Twitter and The Bulwark

A Kremlin (and Elon) Apologist Crashes and Burns

It's Always the Ones You Most Expect

What If the Trump Indictment Changes . . . Nothing?

Law & Order & Trump

They Are Killing Baseball

Orange Is the New Orange

What If DeSantis Doesn't Run?

A Tale of Two Conservative Legal Scholars

Chris Christie Is the Worst Never Trumper

The Problem With Trump *Isn’t* That He “Can’t Win”

Mars Sux?

Who Is Marco Rubio Afraid Of?

All the Indictments Everywhere All at Once

The Paradox of Republican Pain

You Don't Like the Idea of the Manhattan DA Indicting Trump? Guess Whose Fault It Is?

The Woke Whistle

Stop Pretending that "Free Speech" Martyrs (or Protestors) Are Heroes

What We Mean When We Talk About the Origins of COVID

The Three Histories of Conservatism

The "Free State of Florida" Is Coming for You

Conservatism Inc. Surrenders (Again)

The Id Theory of Politics

Build. More. Housing.

Maybe Don't Let Your Kid Have an iPhone?

Spoiler: Fox Wins

Fox Is Worse Than You Thought

The Real Danger Isn’t Trump or DeSantis

CPAC: Taste the Sadness

Out Sick

Jeb! Loves! DeSantis!

Technology Abhors a Mystery

It's All Puppy Dogs and Rainbows

ABP: Always. Be. Projecting.

MTG's Committee for the National Divorce

Joe Biden: Still Doing Better Than You Think

You Should Get Off Twitter Because of What Elon Musk Is Doing to Ukraine

Nikki and the General: Perfect Together

Let's Talk About Aliens

Never Trump? Never DeSantis? Never Republican?

The Trouble with Nikki

Is DeSantis Scott Walker or George W. Bush?

The Week That AI Went to Scale

Banks Loaned Elon Musk $13 Billion So He Could Boost His Twitter Engagement

The DeSantis Soft Bois Can Dish It, But Can’t Take It

The State of the Union Was a Preview of 2024 for Both Biden and Republicans

What the Fork Do You People WANT?!?

99 Chinese Balloons

Meatspace Matters

The Memphis Police Affirmative-Action Distraction

There Is No Single Explanation for Police Brutality

Trump Is Losing the Grifter Class to DeSantis

If Trump Goes Third Party, Republicans Are Screwed

If You Just Do What The Police Tell You . . .

Charles McGonigal and the Deep State

Dark Brandon vs. Old Joe

Biden > Obama

Tank Wars

Musk Twitter: Garbage In, Garbage Out

Leveraged Democracy: The Real Makers vs. Takers

The Bulwark Community Is Real

A Better Way to Fight Abortion

The Mystery of Suicide

DeSantis Is Buying Conservatism Inc. Out From Under Trump

Sorry: It's Classified

ChatGPT and Open AI: We Are *Totally* Forked

Kellyanne Conway and Trump Derangement Syndrome

Inflation: It's Getting Better, Actually

The Biden Administration Is the Real #TeamNormal

Cancel Culture and the Liberal Media

Ross Douthat and the Match Throwing Club

How Biden's COVID Relief Helped Ron DeSantis

The McCarthy Speakership Fight Is Only a Preview

Here's What the House Republicans Want

Decision Points: The Bull Case for McCarthy

Towers of Babel