Sitemap - 2022 - The Triad

They Knew

The Uvalde Police Don't Like Reporters

Rules and Power and Roe

Jan. 6th and ‘Why We Did It’

Don’t Give Trump Back His Twitter Weapon

Kari Lake and the Fake Drag Panic of 2022

Trump Proves the Jan. 6th Committee’s Point

Juneteenth: What Do Our Holidays Mean?

Is Dominion Voting Systems Going to Own Newsmax?

Money World Goes Boom

Conservatives Reveal What They Mean When They Say "Parents' Rights"

The "Garbage" Came from the President, Not His Advisors

Herschel Walker Lied About Being a Cop and It Won't Matter

Selective Skepticism and the Nihilism of Bullshit Politics

The Essence of Trumpism Is the Avoidance of Consequences

Loose Talk Makes Things Even More Dangerous

California Is Ripe for an Intra-Democrat Insurgency

"Free Speech" and Consequences

Zelensky Goes to the Front

The Gun Fetish Is Not Normal

Police Reform Is Even Harder Than It Sounds

How Long Will the New Republican Regime Last?

Little League, Starbucks, and What We Owe to Each Other

The Ukrainian Missile "Crisis"

We Got Here By Sacralizing Guns

About Guns: Realism vs. Optimism

Let's Talk About Kid Baseball

Uvalde Will Happen Again

Will Biden Run in 2024?

Welcome to MAGA Nation

Elon Musk Thinks the Law Doesn't Apply to Him

In Praise of Republicans Making Good Choices

Josh Shapiro Is Not Responsible for Doug Mastriano's Win

Fettermania Is Now

The Russians Keep Pulling Back

The Ukrainians Are Still Winning

Ask The Hard Questions

The Dao of Midge

Whose Fault Is the Recession?

Christian Nationalism Has Eaten Evangelical Churches

The Fed Will Matter More for 2022 and 2024 than the Fate of Roe

The Republican Party Is What Republican Voters Want It To Be

Sick Day

1,000,000 Deaths

Pro-Life Is As Pro-Life Does

Choose What State You Live in Carefully

Four Good Things About J.D. Vance's Ohio Surge

Alex Jones Is an Even Bigger Piece of Shirt Than You Thought

The Disappointed Ally

This Will Not Pass. And Yet D.C. Republicans Keep Pretending It Will.

To Paradise Book Two & Three

The Twitter Bloodbath Is Coming

The Twitter Apocalypse Is Awesome

Biden's Handling of Ukraine Is the Most Successful American Intervention Since the Fall of the Berlin Wall

The Culture War > Kitchen-Table Policies

The New Right Has Told Us Who They Are. Why Don't Americans Believe Them?

Would You Wear a Mask on a Plane If Someone Asked You To?

John Fetterman Is Just a Dude

No Peace Without Victory

Is Ukraine the End of the End of History?

Elon Musk Has a Kink

Le Pen and Trump Could Succeed Where the Russian Army Failed

Tales from the Senate House of Horrors

Mayor Pete Should Replace Jen Psaki

David McCormick and a Senate Map for Dummies

Join To Paradise Book Club: Part One "Washington Square"

To Paradise Book Club with Tim Miller

Holy War

Democrats Are Screwed No Matter What They Do

Ukraine Enters Phase 2 of the War

Projection Is the Sincerest Form of Trumpism

Ukraine Goes on Offense

Why Does No One Ever Say “Republicans Have to Stop Acting Crazy or Voters Will Punish Them”?

Counterintuitive Hotness: Actually Putin Is Winning?

What Is Ginni Thomas?

Biden: Still Doing a Good Job on Ukraine

How to Fight for Democracy

Putin Sounds Like an American Conservative

Ukraine Is on the Offensive in Kyiv

Actual Good News from Ukraine

Counting the Dead

Do Not Look Away from Mariupol

War in a Time of Global Upheaval

Putin Is Telegraphing His Weakness

How Do You Negotiate with a War Criminal?

Strategic Transparency vs. Strategic Ambiguity

This Is How Truth Defeats Lies

Russia's Logistical Nightmare Will Keep Getting Worse

Putin Can't Get Lucky Enough to Win

How to Help Ukrainians

The Road to Nuclear Escalation

Getting Fighter Jets to Ukraine

Putin in a Box

The Double Siege

Putin Has Already Suffered a Strategic Defeat

The Russian People Were Putin's First Victims

Should We Forgive People Who Work for Propaganda Outlets?

The West Is Winning, Russia Is Losing, and Biden Is Doing a Good Job

Zelensky Has Become More Than a Man

No One Is in Control

What You Need to Understand About the Road Ahead

Let's Blow Up Some Russian Yachts.

Reality Is a Tank

It's Time to Get Smart on Russia

Who Did Red COVID Hurt?

The Fog of Disinformation War Is Coming

The Kind of Guy Who'd Race a Ferrari 308 GTS Cross-Country

America's Culture of Political Violence Has Risen from the Dead

Germany Is Still the Key to Europe

Conservatism Inc.'s Complicated Relationship with "Freedom"

Biden Is Doing Okay on Ukraine

The COVID Skeptics and Their Shifting Goalposts

Is There Any Convert You Would Not Accept in the Cause of Democracy?

The Bad Guys Always Find Each Other

America Is Going To Have to Hug It Out

Hope Is Not a Plan. But Despair Is Not a Solution.

A Very Special Conversation with JVL

Jeff Zucker Screwed Democracy, Too

In War, Leadership Matters

The Problem with "Good Republican" Candidates Is That They Answer to Bad Republican Voters

American Idiocracy Is Real


Will Saletan Is Next

Conservative Inc. ❤️ Russia

How America Screwed Ukraine Out of Its Nuclear Weapons

Understanding the Logic of War

Dear Democrats: Stop Forking Everything Up

How to be happy: Never confuse outcomes with analysis.

Get Ready for "Almost War"

What Grade Would You Give Biden's First Year?

The Russian Way of War

Don't Let COVID Bring Out the Worst in You

Ron DeSantis Is Going to Get Trump Trucked

We Must Act Now to Save Jeopardy!

Ross Douthat's Civil War Blame Game

Why We Can't Stop Russia

The Anti-Vaxxers Are in Control

We Figured Out How to Make the Internet Worse!

Dear Democrats: Please Get Better at Politics.

Let's Have Fun with Statistics!

Beautiful Ted's Excellent Adventure

This Is How We Beat the Next Insurrection

Trial Runs Always Look Incompetent

Joe Biden and the Stock Market: A Parable

Hugh Hewitt and the Media's 2024 Problem