Sitemap - 2021 - The Triad

Next Year Will Be Worse

Remembering the People We Lost in 2021

We Have a Good News / Bad News Situation.

Already Missing Joan Didion

JVL's Christmas Cheer Is Real. And It's Spectacular.

Trump's Handling of COVID Was Worse Than You Thought.

Irrational Exuberance Is Back!

Joe Manchin Loves Him Some Hippie Punching

You're Going to Miss the Movies When They're Gone

Save These Dates in 2022

Meet the New Neocon on the Block.

We Found More 2020 Voter Fraud!

The Texts Prove, Once and For All, That Fox News Is a Propaganda Network

Death, Tragedy, and Statistics

What Does It Mean To Be Human?

Everything Is Terrible

Deep Thoughts About American Democracy

Peace for Our Time

Devin Nunes and Trump Social Are Absolutely Not a Scam

Warning: This Newsletter Is Depressing

The Girl Scouts and How to Save Democracy

Sunshine Soldiers

The DAO of NFTs

Dr. Oz is Forked

Phony! Phoni! Phoné!

Crime Is a Democratic Problem

JVL's Thanksgiving Gift to You

Failure and Thanksgiving

Kyle Rittenhouse and You

Decadence and the End of Days

Maybe Biden Should Pardon the QAnon Shaman?

#MeToo Is Different in China

Jack Is What #NeverCoup Looks Like

Wait—Maybe "MSM Narratives" Are a Thing?

Andrew Sullivan and the Narrative of the "MSM Narrative"

The Only Good Social Network Is . . . LinkedIn?


Is Dennis Prager Stupid or Evil?

JVL Has a Gift for You

Is John Fetterman the Democratic Future?

You Have to Put Down These Concession Speeches with Strength

Consider the Pharmacist

Gerrymander Mania Is Here. We're All Screwed.

What's Wrong with Glenn Youngkin?

The Republican "Post-Trump" Future Is Fool's Gold

Here's What to Watch for in Virginia Tonight

Glenn Youngkin May Not Be Replicable

Facebook's Pivot to Meta

The Purge: Kinzinger Edition

Republicans: Still Surrendering to Trump

Taking Apart a Story About a Trans Bathroom Assault

Everything Facebook: It's Worse Than You Thought

Here's Why the Supply Chain Is Screwed

Memestocks + SPACs + NFTs = Trump Social

Florida's Top Doc: Use Your Intuition on Vaccines

Trump Social Is Going To Be AWESOME!

If Democrats Aren't Paying Attention to Virginia, They're Crazy.

The End of the Desert Storm Age

Hypersonic Missiles Are Bad for Taiwan

Everywhere Is Appalachia

The Rich and the Rest of Us

Are Democrats Hurting Themselves with Redistricting Reforms?

5 Reasons Biden Could Do Better Than I Think

Counterpoint: Everything Is Awesome!

Joe Biden Is in a World of Trouble

All Hail the Great One

Democrats Have a Big Problem with Hispanic Voters

Kyrsten Sinema and the Rules for Civility

China Is Probably More Dangerous Than We Realize

He's Running.

How to Stop Worrying and Love the Infrastructure Disaster

Peloton Addiction Is Real

The End of All Things

The Liberal Media Keeps Helping Conservatism Inc. Why Is That?

Virginia Is Test-Driving the Politics of the Future

Why Didn't They Say Something?

For Republicans, Chaos Is the Strategy

Inside the LuLa Roe Cult

The Lessons of Glenn Youngkin

Stagflation? ayfkm?

Chaos Theory Is the Future of American Politics

Evergrande and China's Rule by Law

Death in Two of Its Forms

Virginia Is Next

The Republican Reality Test

The Republican Clown Car Is Just About Full

Welcome to "Stop the Steal," Forever

The Real Forever War Is Right in Front of You

Biden's Vaccine Mandate Is a Huge Gamble

The Age of 9/11 Has Passed

Inflation Is Probably Worse Than We Think.

The World Is Getting More Dangerous. A Lot More.

Strange New Disrespect

Why I Opted Out of the Abortion Wars

This Is the Stupidest "Breaking News" Ever

The Sum of All Fears: How Democrats Could Lose Everything

Not Great Bob: COVID Infections Are Up 900% With Kids

Iran Is Trying to Figure Out the Taliban

Amazon's "Just Walk Out" Is Here to Kill Your Local Grocery Store

America Is Not Hostage to Events

We Have More Leverage in Afghanistan Than We Think

How Louisiana Police Covered Up "Pain Compliance"

Gavin Newsom and Minority Rule


Are Democrats Losing Their Hold on California?

Punishment Never Works

The Muddy Politics of Afghanistan

Biden Blames the Victims

Broken Clocks and Vaccine Mandates

Robots Can Invade Your Home and Kill You. But They Can't Lay Bricks. Why Is That?

The Census Explains Why the Republican Party Is What It Is

Delta Will Tear Us Apart (All Over Again)

Democrats Keep Showing Us Who They Really Are

The Democratic Base Isn't Enough

End the Vaccine Wars

America Spent $2.2 Trillion in Afghanistan. What Did That Buy for the Afghan People?

Let Kamala Harris Blow Up "Defund the Police"

No Matter What You Think About COVID, Most People Disagree With You.

Come Inside the Mind of an Anti-Vaxxer

You Won't Believe Who the Anti-Vaxxers Blame for the COVID Surge

And the Simone Biles Hypocrisy Medal Goes To . . .

Turn "Anti-Vaxx" into "Defund the Police"

Why Delta Matters

Get Your Mask On?

What "Back the Blue" Really Means

The Party of Political Violence

The Tyranny of Randomness

The New Cleveland Logos Are an Abomination

Pick Your Political Poison

How Much Effort Should We Spend on the Anti-Vaxxers?

How the Culture War Ate Guns, Too

Privilege and the Shooting Outside Nationals Park

How NOT to Build a Town

The Mobile Revolution Comes to Conservatism Inc.

Ross Douthat's Populist Dream World

Ron DeSantis Is SWF-ing Trump

Let's Talk About Happy Things

Should We Blame the Demagogues or the People?

The Internet Keeps Screwing Middle-Class Workers

"Kamala's America" and Other Republican Ideas

5-D Chess?

Why China Is Crushing Its Own Tech Sector

If We're Doomed, Then Why Bother?

The Country We Deserve

Be the Signal

The Merrick Garland Theory of Politics

Does Any of This Make Sense?

Mitch McConnell Is the Real Villain

Why Is "Crime" a Problem for Democrats?

Dispatches from the Peloton Cult

Not One Democrat

Software: Still Eating the World

Flesh Peddling To Own the Libs

A Death in Afghanistan

America as Paramount Pictures

How Did the Intellectual Dark Web Become a Cesspool?

A Grand Unified Theory of Apes

Meet a Woman Who Gives Hope for America

How Conservatives Pick Democracy's Pocket

It's the Racism, Stupid

A Song of Wolves and Whales

Julia Ioffe Goes Code 187

What Does "Save America" Mean?

The One Where JVL Sounds Like a Republican

Inflation, Capitalism, and Lies

The Bipartisanship Fetish

Joe Manchin Just Killed HR 1. How Do Democrats Save Democracy Now?

Don't Give Your Attention to the Bad Guys.

Generation Theory

Digital Friction and the Death of the Trump Blog

Baseball. Disruption. And the Social Order.

The Conservative Media Double-Standard

Is Democracy Under Threat? Yes or No.

The Worst Bush

A Tale of Three Hostage Videos

Decline Is a Choice

The Dictators Are Winning

Welcome to the Newsletter of Newsletters! (Seriously.)

Neoliberalism’s Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

And Now For Something Really Depressing

The House 1/6 Vote Is Worse Than It Looks

Let's Talk About UFOs

Vaccines At Home and Abroad

Never Forget Who Was Right and Who Was Wrong

The Newsletter of Newsletters, Vol. 2

Inflation Is Dangerous in More Ways Than One

The Tech Economics of the Colonial Pipeline Hack

Glenn Youngkin Is the Working-Class Hero Republicans Deserve

China Will Never Pay a Price for COVID

The Newsletter of Newsletters

Catholics Have a Rad Trad Problem

The Supreme Court of Facebook Has Ruled!

Is Vaccine Bribery a Good Idea?

The COVID Culture War Will Never End

India's Humanitarian Catastrophe

Harris, Pelosi, and an American Moment

How To Be a Better Sports Dad

In Search of a Democratic Bogeyman

The Data Point That Shows America Coming Apart


How to Grow Old

The Chauvin Conviction Doesn't Fix Anything

Missing Walter Mondale

Reality Has Consequences

Guns Should Be Safe, Legal, and Rare

The First Rule of Court Packing

How to Think About the J&J Pause

The Rajun Cajun Is Back!

Reading the Republican Autopsy

White Supremacy in Virginia

Was this Authoritarian Moment Inevitable?

The MLB Keeps Screwing Up Baseball

Red Bull, Elon Musk, and Matt Gaetz

COVID Is Worse Than We Think

The Georgia Debacle

Good Friday and Bad Christians

Actually, Biden Is Doing a Good Job

Read This If You Want to Be Happy

A Different Way to Reduce Gun Violence

Shame on Deborah Birx

If MTG Ever Needs a Rosary . . .

Trump Social Would Be Amazing

Is This a New Housing Bubble?

The Culture War and the Catholic Church

COVID Is Not Done with Us

Let's Talk about "Cancelling"


Warning: Read This and You'll Become a Socialist

The Immigration Liability

What Is a "Republican"?

No Culture Wars for Joe

Leadership Lessons From A Scandal-Ridden Governor

Fact Checking Joe Biden

QAnon Is Still a Thing

What a President Does Matters

HR 1 H8ers

The Biden Agenda Is Big

Joe Biden Has Been Making His Own Luck

Art, Commerce, and Dr. Seuss

Expand the Map

Joe Biden: Deal Maker

Biden's Future Has Two Parts

Nikki Haley Needs an Act of God

CPAC Was the Real Republican Party All Along

White Supremacy Is On the March

Truth and the Republican Party

Will to Power

We Have PTSD About COVID Reality

The GOP Future Is Already Here

The Republicans UnCivil UnWar

Finally, Some Good News

Fly, Eagles, Fly

Our Political Family Feuds

The One Thing That Could Doom Biden

Ask Every Republican These Two Questions

Donald Trump Could Become President Again

The Avatar Rule of Politics Is Killing America

They Just Can't Quit Him

What Does a "Good" Republican Look Like?

Are You Long or Short on America?

Get the Shot.

Opening the Schools

A Party Afraid of Its Voters

The Golden Age of Founders Is Ending

Can Moderate Republicans Survive the Sedition Caucus?

Remembrance of Things Past

Washington: A Love Story

How to Destroy the Republican Party

Total Exoneration Is Coming

Finance Is Magic

Maybe Keep the Filibuster?

The Sedition Caucus vs. the Don Draper Caucus

Fight the Future

Joe Biden and the Case for Optimism

History Will Crush Trump

Break-Ups Are Hard To Do

The Republican Party's Final Humiliation

This Cult Is Ruining People's Lives

Trump Owns the Republican Party

The Biggest Lie

We Need More Social Media Bans

Conservatism Is Dead

It Could Have Been Worse.

There Is Only One Question That Matters

The Big Day

The Politics of Power

What If?