Sitemap - 2020 - The Triad

The Worst. But Not Just That.

You Should Be Angry.

COVID Hasn't Gone Away

The Useful Idiots

The "Law & Order President" Is a Fraud

Everything Is Awful: Part 2,036

MAGA Marks and the Future of Democracy

Welcome to the Desert of the Real

Where Is the President of the United States?

The Nature of Power

Everyone Trump Touches Dies: The List

Exit the Spymaster

The Angry Newsletter

The Republican Party As Totalitarian State

Trump Is Winning

Trumpism Is a Religion

The New Republican Man

A Very COVID Christmas

If This Is a Crisis, Then Act Like It

The Fire Rises

Sympathy for the Devil

The Flavors of Crazy

A Defense of "Normal"

The GOP Isn't Dead Yet

Why Won't Republicans Take the Next Step?

Goodbye To All That

When Do We Draw a Line in the Sand?

COVID: Endgame

ETTD: Catholic Edition

Democrats: Be Afraid

Meet the New Conservatives

It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn

Good Luck "Moving On," Republicans


A Crisis Is Unfolding, Right Now

The Warning Lights Are Still Flashing Red

The Sickness of Republicans and Conservatism Inc.

The Home Stretch

Finish the Fight

The Final Countdown

We Have To Get Along with Each Other

Final Predictions

Binary Choices and False Choices

Who Cons the Con-Man?

God Save the Electoral College

The Secret Life of Republican Man

Is Texas Going Blue?

A Message for Reluctant Trumpers of Good Faith

Band of Brothers

The Polls Make Sense

Trump Got Scammed By His Own Campaign

Trump's Vaporware Vaccine

Conservative Make-Believe

Pay Attention to Who Trump Spends His Time "Fighting"

Revenge of the Vichycons

Spend. More. Money.

Warning Sign: West Virginia

The Last Days of the Trump Scampaign

What a Biden Landslide Would Look Like


The Tyranny of the Majority Is a Real Thing

Mike Pence Is the Future. God Help Us.

How COVID Kills the Economy

Is Trump Experiencing Drug-Induced Mania?

Where Does Joe Biden Go to Get His Apology?


What Happens Now?

America Has a Militia Problem

The Problem Is Not on "Both Sides"

This—Right Now—Is What Collapse Looks Like

Like a Rat in a Trap

The Realistic Nightmare Scenario

Is Lindsey Graham Literally the Worst Person in the World?

What Do You Want Republicans To Do?

Trump Even Screwed Up the TikTok Sale

The SCOTUS Vote Is a Sign of Republican Weakness

This Isn't "Hypocrisy"

Tyranny of the minority

How Can a Voter Be "Undecided" About Trump?

What Happened to Conservatism?

What Is "Legitimacy"?

Should We Prosecute Trump?

Defending Trump Is a Crappy Job

9/11, COVID, and Us

The Worst Part of Woodward

The Debates Won't Matter Either

The State of the Race

Cory Gardner Is What "Party Over Country" Looks Like

Why Are So Many Republican Elites Supporting Biden?

America Is a Powder Keg

Trump Has Captured the CDC